Emexrevolarter in Nigeria

Emexrevolarter.com is a website associated with Emexrevolarter, a business name registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The services we offer are in 3 major phases:

Ideas – intellectual properties, articles, books
Sales – marketing of Products and Services
Domain – domain name and hosting
We make affordability and performance the priorities of every product and service we design or market. All our marketed products and services are pre-selected from trusted third-parties with efficient customer services.

Our base is Nigeria; hence, the Products and Services we host are most suitable for businesses in Nigeria. Nigerians in diaspora and foreigners who wish to promote certain products or establish some connection with Nigeria can also do so by using this web site.
Due to the nature of the products and services we offer, our customers service outlets are in association with some trusted partners. Our major customer outlet is as below:
Ndefo Investments Ltd?15 Bida Road, Onitsha.?Anambra State.?Nigeria.

We have the main objective to provide services that will help businesses in Nigeria expand at the most affordable rates with uncompromised efficiency. We achieve this through Domain and Hosting Services, and Bulk SMS.

A client can either subscribe to any of our services online or at any of specified outlets. We activate such service immediately payment is confirmed. Presently, we accept bank payment into our stated bank account. The link is located on top of our home page. This usually takes less than 24 hours. http://www.smsultra.com is our online Bulk SMS store where customers can sign up for free SMS account.



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