Why Mothers’ Breasts are made Public?

Mothers are invaluable individuals in our society. These women when they were younger guarded and concealed thier breasts. It is considered a taboo for this part of a woman’s body to be displayed publicly.

Why do the awareness to keep breasts hidden reduce suddenly immediately a woman becomes a nursing mother? Why will a young lady who had guarded and concealed her breasts, when she becomes a mother gladly display them in the public in order to feed her baby? I presented the above questions to the mature audience on FACEBOOK. The below are what they said. Thier exact views are enclosed in quotation marks. See the names of the contributors at the end of this post.

To view the exact comment trend of the question I asked on FACEBOOK,


go to my Facebook profile page, http://facebook.com/emexrevolarter/

In addition to the above question, I also asked:

“Why do both men and women grow out of shame as they get older?”

Nobody made an attempt on the second question. However, the first question were considerably answered. Let us now proceed to the wonderful comments provided by FACEBOOK users.

The first person to reply was a lady.

“So the baby should stay hungry?”

She did answer my question with question. Wow! Another commented as follows:

“Shame is relative. It depends on the level of exposure and environmental factors. As for me, breastfeeding publicly is normal. Also, I have tuned my mind to accept that the only sex organ is the genital. I try not to accept other parts of the body no matter how attractive. Am weird you may say.” The lady who had previously replied with a question, commented to make her own input.

“On a serious note, I don’t think its easy for most women to breastfeed in public. We can’t just watch our babies scream and cry and ignore them simply because we don’t want to expose our breasts. Sorry, if Iam being explicit; but you did say mature audience. I also don’t think women just bare it all in the name of breastfeeding. We try to cover up as much as we can, maintain a sense of dignity and still be able to feed the baby.”

I quickly added a buzzer, “Any attempt on the second question? Where are the men on FACEBOOK?” However, I got no reply to this before another woman made her comment.

“Hmm…A young pig asked her mother, ‘Why is your nose like this, and why do you like dirty?’ The mother pig replied, ‘When you are old you will find out.’ “

This is a proverbial type answer. What do you think? Another woman added a hard truth.

“I think younger mothers still feel shy to breastfeed in public.”

This trend grew more hot as more revealing truth were made. Another mother shared her personal experience.

“My first postnatal visit, I was wearing a gown. Guess what? I wasn’t able to feed my baby. So we hurried back home. Putting on comfortable clothes can help especially blouses, so you can lift it a little and not expose yourself so to say.”

I then made my heart felt appreciation to these precious views already made. I was so thrilled. Really, I was! In my exact words:

“I LOVE it when mothers talk. You are such wonderful people. Muah! Believe me, a lot of people who are your fans will read this. I woke up one morning with this question, and you have done justice to it.”

One of my favourite FACEBOOK pal (although she refuse to accept this), who am a fan of her comments on Facebook, startled me with this question:

“What are you thinking?”

I replied, “Your answer will be invaluable. Please give yours.”

While I was waiting for her golden comment, another women made a frank comment in native language:

“Weda you hide the breast, weda you no give pikim(child), weda you give am, the breast will sag, your bodi too rinkle. Abeggy, everything get time…Do the right thing at the right time.”

The above comment made a strong point. Then I added in native language:

“Pikin(child) must be place above all feelings of shame, after all, the pairs were created primarily for pikin; you may say secondarily for beauty. Thanks again Nne oma.”

Do you think womens’ breasts are for beauty, or for feeding babies, or for both? Do answer this question. You can also share your views on this blog. My friend finally made her comment. I wondered why she hesitated before she replied to this question trend. Let us look at the experience she share.

“You want to write thesis?”

I considered this a rhetorical question. She is a nice woman. This may be her own way of picking on me. Gush! I still love it. Continue to read the rest of her story.

“God has a reason for everything. When the right time comes, he will remove all shame. I could remember 1 week after my wedding, I refuse to visit our house, or even come out in the open with my hussy. I thought people and my parents will be looking at me as someone that have started having sex (laughs). Now, I don sell the shame wella!(native language) The truth is, when you go through the rigors of labour, child birth and then holding your little gift, you wouldn’t mind breastfeeding him or her anywhere; though with some dignity!”

This trend contributor were:



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