QUOTES by Ndefo, C.S with dates of creation

Quotes found on this page are the original works of Ndefo, C.S., compiled over the years.
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  1. .)
    17/3/2008: The man who has patience can rule his family, but a man who is impatient loses time. The man with self-control can do even better.

  2. .) 18/3/2008: A quiet child has the biggest problem and needs more attention. But a noisy child only gives the bigger problem & needs to be managed.
  3. .) 19/3/2008: Prosperity comes by calling every obstacle a challenge, then facing it.
  4. .) 3/5/2008: A quiet child needs mentoring, but a defiant child requires monitoring.
  5. .) 12/5/2008: For great men revealing their past doesn’t matter, but for mediocres it is a stab in the back.
  6. .) 12/5/2008: People who dies each time part of their past gets to the open are ignorant of the relieving power of change.
  7. .) 18/5/2008: Most times people make wishes when they pray, but things happen when they really pray.
  8. .) 26/5/2008: If you want to sieve your audience, go to higher level; multitude doesn’t exist there.
  9. .) 15/6/2008: Want to get the best out of an African, set a price.
  10. .) 13/7/2008: People talk to people, recruit such people.
  11. .) 3/8/2008: What the world call accidental discovery is actually providence discovery to those who fear God.
  12. .) 6/8/2008: People pleasers will definitely become pleaser seekers later in life.
  13. .) 3/2/2009: Joy comes when you are successful in tribulation.
  14. .) 4/3/2009: Why don’t I worry? I have an alternative-prayer.
  15. .) 5/3/2009: If you can use 5N to achieve your aim, why do the job with 10N?
  16. .) 7/5/2009: Shadows cast no matter how terrifying, are strong presence of light.
  17. .) 11 feb’10: “Try to separate two lovers who are mismatch, and you will be perceived as an enemy. The bond between them will strengthen, letting them fall further into error.”
  18. .) 8 May 10: A dangerous platform to trade on is sentiment. It leaves a hole in every decision you make.
  19. .) 8 May 10: Do not be quick to draw conclusions from how people act when they meet you. It is actually what they do from time to time that show who they really are.
  20. .) 17 January 11: Every woman no matter how mean she appears has a Central Control Point(CCP). Women are also 100% strength of mens’ weakness.
  21. .) 17 January 11: If U live in Lagos U become smart; in Enugu U become cool-head; in Delta U become comical; in Abuja U become extravagant; in Onitsha U loose ur sense of dressing; in Port Harcourt U become space management expert; in Ibadan U lose all traces of high BP; in Zamfara U fear private space; in Jos U reside abroad; & in Ekiti U swallow d pride of Ur certificates.
  22. .) 21 January 11: You will not believe how Ur marital relationship will easily flow when U accept everything about Ur wife – STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES(including gossip nature,fragile nature,territorial prowness with jealousy,oratory misuse).
  23. .) 16 February 11: Everyone can’t be always right. Remember that in d days of Jesus, everyone screamed crucify him.
  24. .) 16 February 11: Don’t do anything without an evidence that it will work. Faith is also an evidence.
  25. .) 16 February 11: Do you feel LOVE for someone? Step it up today. Be responsible for someone, for that is true LOVE.
  26. .) 19 February 11: Wickedness is not found in people but in the acts and deeds they perform. A good person becomes bad or a bad person becomes good; don’t judge too quickly what side a person resides.
  27. .) 21 February 11: The BEST way to punish your weakness is to get pass it. Then expose it for the whole world to see, with the caption, “How I was before”.
  28. .) 26 February 11: Love is about two pillars of relationship: understanding and responsibility. Responsibility comes with what you can give; and understanding comes with what you can forgive.
  29. .) 10 March 11: Doubting God is like self-inflicted injury.
  30. .) 11 March 11: When you want to plan you look ahead, and when you want to doubt you look behind. In everything that you do know that anything in the past is for reference purposes.
  31. .) 11 March 11: The most havoc that had happened to us were created by ourselves.
  32. .) 13 March 11: We develop habits by observing routines. When those habits grow, we produce strong character.
  33. .) 16 March 11: Starve the irrelevant things you do and your day will grow by few minutes.
  34. .) 12 May 11: If there is no immediate interpretation to somebody’s action, just take it literally without suspicion.
  35. .) 15 May 11: At every death another life begins either in boom or doom.
  36. .) 15 May 11: Mistake is allowed and inevitable, but when you remain in it becomes an error.
  37. .) 21 May 11: A father will always be a father; and a son always a son. But a poor man may become rich; likewise a rich man become poor. Trust in God while working hard to improve on your present condition.
  38. .) 9 June 11: Life is all about constants and variables. The more constants, the more focused an individual becomes.
  39. .) 25 June 11: Love ‘s greatest power is shown when someone that has no reason to love, goes on to love.
  40. .) 8 July 11: Definition of IMPOSSIBLE is, “Any thing that had not been done or created”. Hence, there is no fixed impossible.
  41. .) 17 September 11: A good Name will always come out clean no matter how ill it be framed. However, gossips cause premature ripple effect.
  42. .) 20 September 11: Development is defined as, “the enhancement of human relations in the society”. By this definition, Africa ranked 1st. What is the essence of improved technology with human relations reduced to nucleated homes without extended family system?
  43. .) 29 September 11: Guarded association of a detestable thing soon makes it allowable when your defense must have fallen off. The once terrible stence will become tolerance.
  44. .) 29 September, 2011: Pressures of life can either be resisted,shielded, or conducted, but can’t be avoided. Resisted, if you have enough will-power. Shielded, if someone is willing to care for you like a baby. Conducted, if you cunninly transmit all the shock to people around you. However, it is deadly to transmit shock to people who have the power not to absorb such pressure.
  45. .) 1 October 2011: Say something and let others do the interpretation. Refrain if you don’t have any sense to share. If you do, then be bold and don’t worry about rumors.
  46. .) 1 October 2011: Have you been so desperate to wish for things ordinarily you wouldn’t desire? Just wait to get those things and you will see how stupid you had been.
  47. .) 7 October 2011: Kids because of fear think with their parents’ brains, which is of great advantage at tender age. If this fear doesn’t translated to sense of responsibility soon, they hook up with any available brain at older age which make them most vulnerable.
  48. .) 9th October 2011: Humans are designed to hear & obey a voice at a particular time. If you do not master a particular voice, you will become a polygamous hearer and your life will be driven to shreds.
  49. .) 5th November 2011: When you show concern and care for a person, you touch an individual’s life. It begins with a simple, “How are you?”
  50. .) 6th November,2011: There is an innate mechanism in every female to sense danger long before a male concludes his deceptive plan. Instead it is her desire that drives her on, until it cumulates to heartbreak.
  51. .) 3rd December,2011: If ants and flies move around freely in your home to satisfy their needs, and mosquitoes even have the liberty to share in your digested food; why then should you be tormented by unending worries?
  52. .) 6th December,2011:Do not fear the inevitable possibility of hurting someone. Rather, be troubled when that happens and you are not sorry and did not seek any reconciliation.
  53. .) 6th December,2011: It is common to have PREFERRED way of life. Only a few with ADAPTIVE way of life co-exist with others in harmony. Have you often wondered why it is so difficult for you to tolerate others?
  54. .) 6th December,2011: China wares when broken are irrepairable. Histories are forgiven or forgotten, but can never change. Always ACT wisely.
  55. .) 7th December, 2011: It is only the living that complain.
  56. .) 9th December, 2011: The thin line between LOVE & LUST is the source. One is from God, the other from hormones.
  57. .) 9th December, 2011: LIFE does not respect anyone. Any day I mess up, life is slowest, and any day I am on top of my game, life is fastest. At this people still get very confused. If you did not see any sense in this, then either you or me have gone psycho.
  58. .) 10th December,2011: Malice held within you simply does not exist to every other person. Why not say it out?
  59. .) 12 December,2011: Criticism hurts like fire, but then it purifies.
  60. .) 21 December, 2011: If you want to stem gossip, tell me the gist and it ends there. Are you bold to make this statement?
  61. .) 21 December, 2011: A standard family has these basic elements: love, unity, good communication, and godliness. The way you handle these is what makes your family unique.
  62. .) 21 December, 2011: It is COWARDICE for a man to seduce a girl far younger than himself, because of her high vulnerability.
  63. .) 22nd December,2011:You are weak only when you accept your weakness and do nothing about it.
  64. .) 27th December,2011:Don’t make your inability my responsibility, please!
  65. .) 27th December,2011: Give your child voice, and you will get the best of both innate and learned qualities within your child.
  66. .) 28th December,2011: Women, do not be bothered about what your husbands do, but be concerned about all their actions.
  67. .) 28 December,2011: Touch not our girls and do their virginity no harm.
  68. .) 6th January,2012: Don’t get yourself involved in daring race with the young unless you still have strength and age on your side.
  69. .) 7th January 2012: Read Proverbs from the Holy Bible once every month to immune yourself against common life errors. Listen to my voice and you will soon find out how great you will become.
  70. .) 7th January 2012: Each time there is a surplus, I discovered that it was for a purpose. If I don’t fulfill that purpose I am plunged into a subsequent period of lack. This means that such provisions are not really for keeps.
  71. .) 8th January, 2012: Most movies appear OK, but have subtle and distorted messages that easily appeal to the hearts of the viewers. These steal sentiments from us and force us to consider evil in the light of good.
  72. .) 8th January, 2012: Parents who love their children unconditionally save them from future heartbreaks and broken relationships.
  73. .) 13th January, 2012: A girl who forces herself on a man is like a cobweb in his eyes. She is gone when the man cleans sweat off his face.
  74. .) 13th January, 2012: Everyone is beautiful in someone’s own eyes. So, cheer up, you are beautiful.
  75. .) 13th January, 2012: If you were trained to do things the wrong way, then grow up, unlearn those things and begin to do things the right way.
  76. .) 13th January, 2012: You can’t show true love once, therefore it is inexhaustible. This is why lust is expressed at a moment and expires immediately after.
  77. .) 16th January, 2012: A GREAT change is sweeping accross many lives. Such comes with the loss of something. You may decide what to lose or you may not.
  78. .) 16th January, 2012: Moments leave impressions in our minds, of which only few are positively permanent.
  79. .) 20th January, 2012: Write once to change a life. Then write forever when you see a life changed.
  80. .) 26th January, 2012: Do you think you can play the game of life, and have the result your own way? If no, then, respect the opinions of others.
  81. .) 26th January, 2012: You are you. So your capacity is unlimited until you teach the you in you to say, “I can’t”.
  82. .) 26th January, 2012: Smiles, laughter, joy, and happiness; when these come to you in a bundle, makes you live SUPER healthy life.
  83. .) 28 January, 2012: No mistake is grave until you die with it.
  84. .) 28 January, 2012: Change is always good. Change in the positive direction is the best.
  85. .) 1st February, 2012: Girls are desired when they think the future. Gullible girls only think about the present.
  86. .) 2nd February, 2012: It is in the doing that life counts.
  87. .) 2nd February, 2012: A woman is considered weak when her voice becomes larger than her heart.
  88. .) 2nd February, 2012: If when I talk, someone listens; then someone changes; then I am fruitful.
  89. .) 2nd February, 2012: People support a course that conceal their bad habits.
    -A sly person will say, “I was only joking.”
    -A lazy man will tell you, “Humans need rest because they are mortals.”
    -A lustful individual will insist that everyone needs to be loved.
    -A sadist will always preach the message, “I want you to be better.”
    -A racist will say that nature determines the capabilities of we humans.
    -A promiscuous girl will tell you, “All men are the same.”
    -A tyrant will insist that hardwork does not kill.
    -A timid individual will say, “I need more planning to succeed.”
  90. .) 4th February, 2012: Maturity comes when you make deliberate effort to walk right at all times, and all accusing fingers will be silenced with time.
  91. .) 5th February, 2012: Any time you find yourself unconsciously attracted to a little bit of sin, then know that there is a little magnet of sin still in you.
  92. .) 5th February, 2012: It is good to have a sensitive ear that listens. It may not be ok to respond to every request made.
  93. .) 6th February, 2012: If you enjoy sin you will not enjoy God. Until you wake up one day with those desires to do evil gone, you will not have full God experience.
  94. .) 6th February, 2012: If the best story you know how to tell, is about yourself, then you are self-centered.
  95. .) 6th February, 2012: SEX is the most certain thing U can get in marriage. Why would you go after someone because of this? Think about the uncertain things like these. Will there be kids? Will there be love enough to pull both of U through all circumstances? Will there be long life, or will one depart sooner? These thought may give U gooze pimples…They are worth considering.
  96. .) 7th February, 2012: The greatest blackmail of the devil is to make you think your little contribution in the Kingdom of God does not count.
  97. .) 15th February, 2012: Time is the element in Nature that always changes, never repeats itself, and is invisible though its products and effects are pronounced?
  98. .) 16th February, 2012: Something is important only when it is important to you. THAT IS SELFISHNESS!
  99. .) 17th February, 2012: Help those who desire to grow up, and ignore those without any desire for change to wallow in laziness. This is not wickness, but an ultimate way to save time and cost.
  100. .) 22th February, 2012: No matter how rich you become, you can only be in one place at a time. So, why the greed to have it all to yourself?
  101. .) 25th February, 2012: I must be worthy of my wife; this is why I work daily to maximize my strengths and improve on my weaknesses.
  102. .) 26th February, 2012: It will only get worse when you cease to consciously do something positive.
  103. .) 27th February, 2012: Physical characteristics (e.g B****t, v****a, complexion, h*p, hair, eyes, voice, sets of teeth, height, weight, and style of walking) are the surface level of every woman. To fish for a wife, go deeper where character exist.
  104. .) 28th February, 2012: It is only a mad man that travels to a country without reading about that country, and taking advice from those who had been there.
  105. .) 29th February, 2012: There is always a binding that terminates each process in life.
    *growth ends with adulthood
    *virginity ends with intercourse
    *disease ends with effective cure
    *terminal disease ends with a miracle
    *darkness ends with light
    *death ends with eternity
    *fear ends with boldness
    *poverty ends with applied knowlegde
    *addiction ends with point source removal
    *foolishness ends with wisdom

  106. .) 3rd March, 2012: Marriage is not born out of perfection. Marriage makes the man and the woman perfect when they live together all the days of their lives.
  107. .) 4th March, 2012: You can accidently fall into hell, but you can only consciously walk into heaven.
  108. .) 14th March, 2012: I love kids. Their sincerity will help me to go to heaven. Parents take note.
  109. .) 4th March, 2012: UNITY is not when others are drawn into your own circle of understanding.
  110. .) 20th March, 2012: Discipline only stands when your self-control over something is not compromised till death.
  111. .) 20th March, 2012: The worst thing to happen to a glutton is to have a laceration in the throat caused by a sharp bone mistakenly swallowed.
  112. .) 20th March, 2012: There are 3 types of records for every event in the world: those who lived trying; those who died trying; and those who did nothing. If you are in the last group, don’t get killed, or the fateful day will remember you as a casualty.
  113. .) 20th March, 2012: Since all will die someday, why not try. It is better to die trying anyway.
  114. .) 27th March, 2012: The shortest and fastest way to make your spouse better is, to work on yourself; since you are now one.
  115. .) 27th March, 2012: Love your wife for who she is, and not what you want her to be.
  116. .) 27th March, 2012: Do not expect your spouse to be perfect. It is your perfect acceptance of who your spouse is, will make your relationship to flourish.
  117. .) 1st April, 2012: Truth is like a sphere that is the same when viewed from all perspectives.
  118. .) 9th May 2012: BIBLE is
    B-Bank of

    Do you read BIBLE daily?

  119. .) 11th May, 2012: Anything that can change someone else life positively, do it. If that same thing will develop some character in you, don’t give up on it even if you fail severally.
  120. .) 12th May, 2012: If God is not in what you do, who is there? I bet you know.
  121. .) 13th May, 2012: The devil is an expert counterfeit CEO. He turns truth into smart lies; beauty into sexy appearance; love into lust; courage into rudeness; crave for God into selfishness; joy into sensual happiness; contentment into greed; patience into impatience; godliness into pretence; honesty into deceit; purity into sexual gratification; health into sickness; excellence into mediocrity; wisdom into craftiness; peace into hostility; and kindness into pity.
  122. .) 15th May, 2012: Women are more sentimental because they can lose everything but their hearts; while men are more reasonable because they can lose everything but their heads.

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